Crone of Puget Sound is unique in the Northwest, providing older women the opportunity for continued growth and validation in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. Sharing experience and diverse points of view, Crones affirm the gifts of aging and manage the realities of life with pride and humor.

The name CRONE was chosen deliberately by founder Joyce Winsor to reclaim the symbol of respect and admiration given in times past to old women for their courage, endurance, and wisdom.

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Crone of Puget Sound was founded by Joyce Winsor in 1986 as an outgrowth of her work with older women's groups at Everett Community College. Her vision for Crone, which continues today, was of an organization to promote positive ageing and to give voice to women as they grow old.

Our Monthly Activities

Twice a month or so - groups of 6 - 12 women meet for conversation or scrabble or play-reading or book club, or walking Green Lake, etc, etc. This is usually where women begin to make friends, plan extra events together, have fun in a relaxed way, trade tips about living, etc, etc.

On our internet listserv group, you can find out more about Crone events or new groups starting up. You can also share suggestions, ideas, questions, and support with other members. If you want fellow Crones to join you in a hike, eating out, a book discussion, or you want to know about a good resource such as a plumber or long term care insurance, this is a place for communication.

Our Mission

Through programs and activities, Crone of Puget Sound: Encourages, supports, and informs older women about possiblities, opportunities, and adventures as they age. Provides opportunities to join a widening circle of friends. Provides younger women an opportunity to experience a community of vital older women.Supports the visibility and activism of older women in the wider community.