Crone of Puget Sound is a Seattle based social club where senior women can find friendship and many activities.

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  Crone Of Puget Sound

Crone is an organization of senior women ages 60 to 94 including many retirees and widows. Meeting are held at various locations in Seattle.

Our Mission Statement

Through programs and activities Crone of Puget Sound encourages, supports, and informs older women about possibilities, opportunities, and adventures as they age.

Provides a way to join a widening circle of friends.

Offers younger women the experience of a community of vital older women and supports the visibility and activism of older women in the larger community.

    October Potluck

Moreah Vestan tells her story on "Letting Go and Moving Forward" at the Oct. potluck.

   Oct. group listening

Marilyn Thompson relates her story at the Oct. luncheon.

And a special thanks...

The unsigned drawings throughout this website are by Crone Mel McConnell. Our thanks to her for sharing her talent.

     November Program

A special showing of Crone Jennifer
          Townsend's documentary movie, "Revisiting
          Thelma and Louise." Has interviews of women
          about sexual assault.
               Nov. 17, 1:00 p.m., Green Lake venue.

drawing by Nancy Schutt