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     About Us

Crone of Puget Sound has been an organization since 1987 and has a rich history and a dynamic present. This article provides an introduction to the history of our name, who is a Crone, and a bit about our structure.

  About Our Name

The name Crone was chosen deliberately by founder Joyce Winsor reclaiming the symbol of respect and admiration given in times past to older women for their courage, endurance, and wisdom. Interview with Joyce Winsor

You might think of a Crone as a wizened old woman who cackles as she talks. Some cultures revered their crones as wise old women who carried the culture of their community. They were the healers, artists, midwives and counselors. They exemplified female wisdom.

Joyce chose that name with its present negative connotations to shed light on our society's ageism and sexism. She wanted us to be proud of getting older-- to "embrace our old age with power, passion and purpose"

   Who Is a Crone?

Members ages range from 60 to 93 and, no matter their ages, they have something to say. They create their own discussion groups that cover a wide range of topics. They accept new challenges, are intellectually curious, people-centered and assertive.

Crones are involved in many activities; they are writers and artists, singers, film producers, actors, lecturers, volunteers, political activists, hobbyists, grandparents, gardeners. They continue traveling, being active in their communities and stay involved with their families.

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