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              Crone Activities

    Below are the many activities Crone has available
    for senior women, widows, and retirees.

  Laughs were shared at the Spring Potluck.

MONTHLY MEETINGS: The full organization puts on eleven community events each year, in addition to special offerings.

GROUPS: The heart of our community lies in our many small groups, the place to get to know one another, and share interests and helpful tips. Crones enjoy walking, day trips, discussing movies or books, getting together for happy hours or just conversation. The arrangements for each group are decided by its members. Some groups meet once a month, others twice. Some meet in members’ homes, some in coffeehouses or other locations. For a list of current groups, click here: All About Groups

The Bulletin : The Bulletin is published quarterly with information on upcoming events, noteworthy information about members, the list of Committee Chairs, and a message from the Board. To check out the latest Bulletin written by Crones, please click on: Highlights from the Bulletin

CRONE CHORUS: The Rolling Crones chorus rehearses once a week and performs at various retirement homes and other venues nine months of the year. For more information about the Rolling Crones, please click here: Rolling Crones

SCHOLARSHIP FUND: We donate to a $1200 scholarship for a woman student over the age of 40 who attends North Seattle College. For more information about this fund-raising project, please click here: Scholarship Fund

WRITINGS: Crones also write about their experiences, reflections on time, or trips, To see a selection of their writings from past Crone publications, please click here: Crone Writings