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                                                                                Crones Counsel

Crones Counsel ( is a national organization “dedicated to claiming the archetype of Crone through the creation of gatherings that honour and advance the ageing woman’s value to society.” The Counsel has annual 4-day gatherings in different cities, usually in the western states. These attract women from all across the United States and Canada, with occasional attendees from overseas.

Crone of Puget Sound is not affiliated with the Counsel but any of our members may attend its annual gathering.

Gatherings are celebrational, educational and relational! The centerpiece is Morning Storytelling, where anyone who cares to may tell a piece of her story, and/or ask for a “standing ovation” for her life’s work. The afternoons feature workshops, both practical and playful. And the evenings are for play. The first evening is a mixer where people meet, greet and mingle. Another evening is for the Follies where anyone may perform in any way, gifting us with anything from the hilarious to the serious. Another evening is for the honoring of the elders, all attendees 80 and above. And finally, one evening is a banquet. Every evening after the scheduled event there is drumming and dancing!

There is also the Crone Marketplace where artistic crones share their work.

Crones Counsel is a place and an atmosphere where old women are affirmed and younger women are mentored in vital, positive elderhood in order to become true crones. All are welcome.