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     Following My Passion

             by Toni Meyers

In B.C. times, not so ancient, but before Crone, I ran a little group called “Aging Gracefully”. We had wonderful discussion, but I gradually decided that while growing older may be filled with “power, passion, and purpose”, it is NOT terribly graceful. The group’s name changed to “Aging Gratefully.”
And grateful I am, on a daily basis. I still love to grumble and I am grateful that I can do so in an accepting environment; that my concerns are mostly petty ones.

I just read a stunning book for your people: A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, the true story about a young boy forced to walk from his war-torn home in southern Sudan to Ethiopia and then Kenya. The many hardships he faced on this long journey started with lack of water, especially water safe to drink. He became a “Lost Boy”, came to the U.S.. and now runs a program called Water for Sudan, which builds wells in remote villages. Talk about giving back! As I turn on the tap in the morning, I experience gratitude for the gift of abundant and safe water.

When I talk with friends and family, in person, on the phone, or over email, I am grateful for my ability to do so.

Grateful that it’s turning spring at last, grateful to live in Seattle, grateful to be retired and able to follow my passions. It’s a long and daily list.

People express gratitude in many ways as we grow up and grow old. I think we become more conscious of our gratitude in old age and with the help of friendly print and internet reminders from Oprah et al. Life is always precious, more so as we realize how finite it is.

Let’s all delete the mind garbage, leaving room for gratitude and its sister emotion, compassion.

And at the end of the day, especially if I have health worries, I am grateful to realize I will never die young!