Welcome to the Crone Of Puget Sound website. Here you can find a listing of our meetings, our many group activities, and some history about the group.

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Crone is an organization of women ages 60-94 which meets at various locations in Seattle.

  Our Mission Statement

Through programs and activities Crone of Puget Sound:

Encourages, supports, and informs older women about possibilities, opportunities, and adventures as they age.

Provides a way to join a widening circle of friends.

Offers younger women the experience of a community of vital older women and supports the visibility and activism of older women in the larger community.

February Laughter Workshop

Crones gathered for a very serious and intense workshop on laughter on February 17.

January Gathering

Our January monthly meeting was a Getting-to-Know-You Tea highlighted by spectacular food and tables adorned with colorful, hand-hemmed napkins and lace tablecloths.

And a special thanks...

The unsigned drawings throughout this website are by Crone Mel McConnell. Our thanks to her for sharing her talent.

April Potluck

Saturday, April 21 at 12:00 noon. Always a good time with good food and lively conversation.

  Noble Firs Clubhouse on
  43rd N.E. St. and 15th Ave. N.E.

drawing by Nancy Schutt