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     Gratitude Journal

             by Patrica Layden

I keep a gratitude journal. Each day I list at least five things that happened that day for which I am grateful. They be large or small, and many of them are “small” – the birds at the bird feeder and the delight they afford me in the morning, serendipity when timing works out for the errands I have to run, a latte in the midst of things, a coffee date with a friend. Sometimes they are big – skin cancer that has not spread beyond the one spot, a family getaway with my two nearly sons and my granddaughters, enough resources to afford a trip to see my other son in London, and the many friends I have through the groups to which I belong.

There are always times of stress or frustration in life, and for me my gratitude journal has become a kind of prayer – letting the feeling of gratitude for all these sometimes large, for often “small” things flow into and through me. It reminds me of what abundance there is in my live, regardless.